About Us


Alptuğ (Alp) Tokeşer (LL.M.), admitted to Istanbul Bar since 2011, is an arbitration expert, involved in numerous international investment and commercial arbitrations..

After working in cross-border litigation disputes at the start of his career, Alp has decided to focus on arbitration disputes and attended the Masters in International Dispute Settlement (MIDS) Program in Geneva and joined LALIVE’s arbitration team in 2012. Over the last decade, Alp has been involved in numerous high level and complex arbitrations as counsel and tribunal secretary.

He has worked in arbitration cases heard before the most frequently used arbitration institutions, as well UNCITRAL and ad hoc arbitrations, seated in major arbitration hubs such as France, Switzerland, England, Sweden and the Netherlands. Alp’s experience extends to a wide spectrum of industries, particularly energy and construction, and he has worked under several different applicable laws, including Turkish and Swiss laws. He has also worked on cases involving US, EU and UN sanctions affecting cross-border business transactions.

Alp was also involved in various investment treaty arbitrations, commenced under bilateral and multilateral investment treaties. He has successfully represented both States and investors within ICSID and UNCITRAL premises. For more information about Alp’s experience, please visit our credentials page.


Founded by a group of forward thinking lawyers, Alp Arbitration is a boutique legal consultancy accommodating their clients’ needs before, during and after emergence of disputes, be it commercial claims against stakeholders, treaty claims against a sovereign state or pre-litigation with a contract partner.

We generate a strategic advantage to our clients through effective usage of technology, accountability and approachability. As the world in which we live become ever more blurred for businesses, we through our modern infrastructure adapt to even most ambiguous circumstances as we safeguard our clients’ interests.

We take pride in building tailor made solutions with utmost care for each and every case we handle, allowing us to reach the most efficient results needed to exceed our clients’ expectations. We monitor horizons, provide awareness, pre-empt business risk. Our specialist advice and support simplify the legal landscape, so that our clients can focus on what matters most.

With experience working in several jurisdictions including Turkey, Switzerland, Germany and United States, Alp Arbitration team helps its clients in various matters. For a detailed description of these matters, please see our Services page.